07 October / 2019

Press release by the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels

Alexey Gromyko spoke in Brussels about the relations between Russia and Europe

Director of the Institute of Europe, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and grandson of the famous Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Andrey Gromyko, Alexey Gromyko, delivered a lecture at the Russian Centre in Brussels entitled “Modern Europe and the World in conditions of Geopolitical Competition”.

He spoke about the development of relations between Russia, Europe, the United States and China. He also explained why the retaliation strategy is changing to a preemptive strike strategy.

The lecture was extremely interesting. Take your time and watch it on our YouTube channel.

It was the first lecture of our programme “Russian Centre Conferences” - this time in English. Working languages of the “Conferences” programme are Russian, English, French and Dutch. More information on our website!